Adhesif Clothing Company

Originally born in Montreal, Melissa was influenced by her mother who worked in garment production for large scale clothing distributors in that city. Since experimenting with textiles most of her life, Melissa is proud to say she is self-taught.

Working as a vintage clothing buyer for many years, since high school, inspired Melissa to create garments with older textiles because of the amazing quality and special characteristics a lot of these textiles own.

There is a double advantage in using sustainable materials; not only do they reduce waste, in the environment but they also add distinctive personality to all of her eye-catching creations.
Special details are added to her designs like appliqué, hand stitching & hand dying. Every handmade piece is made with up to 95% sustainable materials and are all locally produced in Vancouver, BC.

Melissa looks forward to designing all future collections from recycled materials and to maintain that special personal touch lost in many mass-produced garments. In this way her clients can continue looking good as well as feeling great!

Much of my inspiration comes from a love of combination of nostalgia, nature, quality over quantity and the culture that goes a long with this mentality. It’s called “Slow Culture” and in my case “Slow Fashion” specifically. It’s the thoughtfulness, care and consideration that goes into not just what is made but how it’s made.

I’m inspired by the stories that objects, particularly that of handmade and vintage items, tell. The who, what, when, where and why of the process.

I often say that style is more about how you wear something and not specifically what you wear so I often get my design inspiration from vintage looks, street fashion and individualistic style. Effortless natural style of people just doing their thing, I love watching people in their own element. The ideas are endless...catching up with them all is the challenge.