Adhesif Clothing Company

Adhesif Clothing was founded in 2003 as an independent and sustainable clothing label. Working with sustainable materials help to reduce waste in the environment and they also add distinctive personality to all of the eye-catching creations. Special self-developed techniques are added to the designs like appliqué, hand stitching & hand dying. Every handmade piece is made with up to 95% reclaimed and vintage textiles which are all locally produced in Vancouver, BC.
In May 2010, Melissa opened her combined boutique and creative studio on Vancouver’s Main Street. Aside from her creations, she promotes the handmade work of other local and Canadian independent artists. The boutique passionately promotes a sustainable mind frame where emerging and established designers have a platform to showcase their handmade creations.
The eclectic line has caught the eye of local and National Press. Her work has been featured in local media including The Georgia Straight, The Province, The Vancouver Sun, Global News, The WE Newspaper, 24Hours, Metro News, WHERE Magazine, Shaw Cable and others. National publications include: FASHION, FLARE, Elle Magazine and LOU LOU Magazine as well as on television interviews with the Knowledge Network & CBC to name a few. A series of publications were presented in Belle Amore Magazine (USA) recently which features the work of International textile artists.
Awareness of sustainable efforts is a passion for Melissa as she offers her knowledge to the public in the form of workshops and as guest speaker series (e.g. Science World, The Round House, The Art Institute).

Originally born in Montreal, I was influenced by my mother who worked as a seamstress since childhood and later in garment production for large scale clothing distributors in my hometown.

Some of my earliest memories were visiting my mother at work. I would often sit with the in house designer there. She would ask me to pick out the colors and details of the clothing she designed.
This time is looked upon with fond memory as this and other experiences would help shape my path and my love of clothing design.

At the age of twelve, I moved with my family to Vancouver where my love for fashion and design flourished. Out of high school, I found myself working as a vintage clothing buyer for several local companies. This built a strong relationship with connections inside the “rag trade” which is where I currently source the bulk quantities of recycled textiles necessary for the use in my
up-cycled creations.

Many years as a vintage clothing buyer inspired me to create garments with discarded fabrics that give each piece an original or “one of a kind” look.
There is also a double advantage in using recycled materials; not only do they reduce waste in the environment, but they also add distinctive personality to each one of my handmade designs.

Every single handmade garment has a heartbeat and a story to tell, a true labor of love from start to finish. Inspired by the preservation of our planet, each up-cycled garment is completely original and made with up to 95% recycled and vintage materials.

After many years of experimenting with textiles on my own, I am proud to say that I am a self-taught designer and entrepreneur.


adhesif-fw16-highres-fingerless-mittens adhesif-fw16-highres-murkymoss-dress