Antipod Workshop

I am a textile designer, film + TV producer & creative entrepreneur. Following a degree in international business management I worked in B2B marketing in a diverse range of markets from industrial chemicals & gases to telecommunications. I moved to Canada in 2000 & spent the next 10 years producing television & feature films that have been distributed both in Canada and internationally.

After returning to school to study textile design in 2008, I merged my love of design & entrepreneurial spirit to create Antipod Workshop, a textile design studio & creative hub driven by a core belief in the value of the hand-made as modern luxury. I place a strong emphasis on making sound sourcing & production choices, taking a big-picture view of the environmental issues that challenge this industry. Antipod also functions as a hub for creative engagement both through collaboration with other artists & artisan groups & as a place where people can learn about making for themselves, rediscover the art of play & hone their own creativity through workshops & DIY projects.

The debut collection ARTIFACT was designed digitally from original photographs using Photoshop & Illustrator. I managed sublimation printing + cut & sew manufacture, art-directed the photo-shoot and built a branded e-commerce website using Shopify. My second collection LEXICON was developed as an exploration of line-work and debuted at Vancouver design show ADDRESS Assembly in May, 2016.

I develop patterns by drawing, painting & collage alongside digital processes and also weave my own fabrics using both a floor loom and a computer-controlled jacquard loom.

My work is bold, playful and often colorful. Being curious by nature I find designing textiles an opportunity to delve deeper into an exploration of art, science, technique or process – whatever is most keenly of interest at the time. Textiles offer the opportunity to work in a variety of different ways – from designing patterns in the digital realm to much more hands-on process-based work like weaving, dyeing or hand-printing. I’m particularly inspired by hard-edged abstraction, contemporary painting, the Swiss school of graphic design, The Bauhaus, Wiener Werkstatte and Omega Workshop of the 20th Century, Complexity Theory, mathematics – in particular the Diamond Theorem and geometry found in the natural world…

My goal with Antipod Workshop is to be experimental and make both art and functional objects that tell a story. I embrace both cutting edge technology as well as old school practices to make work that is both contemporary and familiar, with a focus on transparent production methods and sustainable choices. In a world where the textile industry has a massive environmental footprint, I believe that small makers can contribute significantly by making responsible choices and being transparent about their chain of production.


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