Art by Lan Yao

Lan Yao spent her childhood exploring the narrow alleys of Beijing's Hutongs. Now, transported to the coastal rainforest of British Columbia, Canada, she runs the soft mossy trails under tall trees. The influence of these interwoven places are evident in her landscapes. She tiers layers of chaos upon layers of calm all intersecting to form a delicate yet breakable balance. A space is created for beings to play in a habitat all their own. Take some time to immerse into these scapes and one will find a place for any creature including the artist herself.

Lan Yao has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and a degree in 3D Animation and Visual Effects from Vancouver Film School.

As a child, I spent many solitary hours studying math equations and the english dictionary. During those lonesome hours which seemed to have no end, I imagined creatures, friends, who accompanied me on a path set by my parents towards becoming a child genius. I would draw these friends, the clothes they wore, their everyday habits, where they lived, their hopes and dreams. Through them, I lived a life full of exciting escapades, romance and ultimately, freedom.

Now as an adult, not having achieved the status of former child genius, I still have my friends with me, who spend many hours keeping me company, helping my mind roam in a space full of wonder. I paint landscapes, inspired often by hikes through the coastal rainforest of Squamish. My friends, the creatures of my childhood, now live in these spaces, happy, safe, free and always at play.