BPA Metalcraft

I've been practicing the art of metalsmithing for over 16 years, crafting jewelry and small sculpture. I have studied various techniques from the southern countryside of Kitsuki, Japan to the small artist community of Taos, New Mexico and right here in my hometown of Vancouver, BC. I am always searching for new methods to learn, tools to work with and materials to use. My love for metal craft inspires me to create new and exciting work for you to explore.

I love playing with new material, mixing metals and incorporating interesting finishes like powder coating or patinas. I like to have fun with my designs and try to surprise the viewer in one way or another. I am inspired by modern geometric shapes, patterns in nature, the textures of vintage pottery and textiles, and the Japanese aesthetic of modest beauty in simplicity.


brendalyn-claw-ring-necklace-300DPI brendalyn-feather-ring-300DPI