In the tradition of old-world ateliers in Florence, Italy, Bronsino Designs creates handcrafted and bespoke leather bags, belts and accessories. An evolution of Canadian fine artist Denise Wilson’s painting, drawing and printmaking, Bronsino’s limited edition leather creations combine a street-style aesthetic with timeless European design.

An elegant answer to fast fashion, our work mixes traditional techniques and modern tools to give new life to virgin leather, reclaimed garments and premium upholstery surplus. At its core, Bronsino is about transformation: Respecting the old, cherishing the forgotten, and taking traditional material in unexpected directions.

In short, I am inspired by travel, decay, evolution, exploration & transformation.

I have degrees in both painting and printmaking and have worked with found objects & pre existing materials for as long as I can remember. The concept of zero waste and using everything up are a big part of how I work.

When I began selling my leather work nearly 16 years ago it was a natural progression from binding my own sketch books to creating handbags and other accessories. It was very organic and intuitive. I love clean lines and contradictions, paring things down, stripping things away and utilizing unexpected materials & processes, as well as adapting processes from one material to another.