Cathy Terepocki Ceramics

Cathy Terepocki grew up in St. Jacobs, a farming community in rural Ontario.
After several years of traveling and working abroad she pursued a fine arts degree at Alberta College of Art and Design. In 2004 she graduated with a BFA (with distinction) in ceramics. Upon graduating she was awarded the Governor Generalsʼ Award for her graduating class.

In her third year of studies Cathy started a business, Horn of Plenty. While at first the product line consisted solely of handmade glass and porcelain jewellery, it laid the foundation for a successful business selling ceramics in shops and galleries throughout the county.

In addition to the production line, Cathy has attended workshops, symposiums and residencies. She also teaches print-on-clay workshops at art centres and post secondary institutions. She is the co-owner of a mobile gallery selling the work of Canadian artists and designers. She has also been involved in organizing sales and championing the handmade in the communities she has lived.

Cathy has exhibited her work in galleries; in 2012 she was part of her first European exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work has been featured in several magazines including Galleries West, Western Living and the Globe and Mail.

After a four year stint on the prairies, Cathy has returned to beautiful British Columbia with her husband and three children.

Since graduating from Alberta College and design in 2004, Cathy Terepocki has been developing her career as a ceramic artist. She currently has several lines of functional dishes and jewellery that layer contemporary methods of hand painting and printmaking on top of clean and modern hand-thrown and hand-built forms.

This work is sold at shops and galleries throughout Canada and the United States, and has been featured in books, blogs, magazines and newspapers, including Galleries West, Western Living, Uppercase, the Globe and Mail and Canadian House and Home.

In conjunction with this production practice, Cathy has been developing a portfolio of one-of- a-kind art pieces and conceptual ceramic projects which have been shown extensively in galleries and other venues around the globe, including her first European show in Denmark in 2012. In 2007 she co-founded a mobile gallery showcasing the work of Canadian artists and designers. Cathy also loves to share the joys of working with clay and has taught ceramic printing classes at art centres and post-secondary institutions as well as clay classes for kids and adults in her community.

After a four-year stint on the prairies she has returned to beautiful British Columbia and is living in Yarrow with her husband and 3 children, one cat, a few rabbits, several chickens and a pygmy goat.