Heather Konschuh Glass

Internationally recognized, Canadian artist Heather Konschuh makes her glass work out of Terminal City Glass Co-op in Vancouver. While showing her work at the Eastside Culture Crawl last year, she was featured as one of the top 10 artists in the Crawl by the Vancouver Sun. The article "Standout Artists of the Eastside Culture Crawl" read, "It’s easy to see why glass blower Heather Konschuh was chosen by Laureen Harper, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife, to create glass charger plates for the world leader’s spousal gifts at the G20 and G8 in Toronto (2010). Her vibrant use of colour and designs set her apart. Konschuh’s First Light bowls shone from the shelves of her packed studio in the Mergatroid Building." Heather is actively making her glass designs for her clients and very much enjoying exploring different colour techniques and elegant forms within her colourful glass work.

Artist Statement:
Heather Konschuh Glass is known for its cheerful colour palette. She often combines different tones in the same hue within one piece creating sleek lines where the solid colours overlap and blend. Heather's use of opaque and transparent colours are mesmerizing as she allows the fluidity of the material to translate into her designs. Her wide range of glass designs include hand blown shoreline patterned bowls, painterly wavy dishes, large plates, tall vases, hand sculpted trees, birds and hearts and reflective circular glass pendants. More images and information about Heather Konschuh Glass can be found at www.konschuh.com.


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