Him Creations

I was born in Japan where I was raised in a creative family learning domestic and crafts both from my family and school. I have always really enjoyed creating things with my hands and with my imagination. I started making creatures with clay in 2004 and I really enjoyed seeing peoples happy face when they saw my creations. I taught myself how to do needle felting in 2007 and then shifted more and more to using wool rather than clay in my work.
I started to sell my unique, hand made felt creations on October 2008 from a table I shared with my friends at a craft market . I took it seriously and started my own brand since 2009.
Since then I have continued to expand my range of creations and attend many markets and stores to sell my creations.

In my work, I use my imagination to create characters, creatures, animals… in my way. Needle felting is my way to do it and I love the result of softness and warmth. Once felted, the piece speaks to me; it's a great feeling to give life to fluffy wool.
I strive to make creatures that are born to be loved by someone and bring big smiles to their faces.
The fluffy material can be changed in form in many ways.
Most of my creations are all wool however I sometimes I use wire structures for larger works. I am not limited to including other materials to make creatures if my design calls for it.
I taught myself how to felt. It was difficult in the beginning but with each project I learn more about working with this warm material and I enjoy the process of discovery.