Joanna Lovett Sterling

My work could be best described as sculptural jewellery. Like your art collection that you get to wear around! Many of my designs are born of lived experiences, each piece representing the essence of the thing that sparked its creation. I have had the pleasure of making my jewellery for over ten years and have sold my work in over 100 galleries throughout Canada and the US. My happiest moments are hearing from people that my work has become their adornment signature.

Making my jewellery is crazy detailed and meditative work, I love it! Each piece is a tiny sculpture. All work is done locally using the lost-wax casting process. I work primarily with locally sourced re-refined pure silver with a specialty alloy which results in a beautiful soft-looking sterling silver that is tarnish resistant. This specialty sterling silver allows me to get all the fine detail that has come to define my jewellery. I also work in 14k gold, bronze,vermeil and with semi-precous stones.


joannalovett10-hirez joannalovett11-highres