Julie MacKinnon Ceramics

Julie has a multidisciplinary design portfolio.
She began studying Art and Design History finally moving in to Architectural Design. A chance clay class changed her path and Julie spent years working in England and then on SaltSpring Island under various ceramic artists. She then finished a Diploma in Art, Craft and Design. Since 2005 she has worked and sold small batch porcelain tableware from her studio on beautiful SaltSpring Island. Julie has been invited as a guest artist to many acclaimed clay and design shows throughout Canada, her work is collected internationally.

Clay has long lured me away from my first career, Architectural Design. My work in clay is still dictated by the design elements of line, space and balance. I strive to create mechanically organic vessels that reflect strong ergonomic and functional design. My work often references an historical period. Elements of my pots suggest an aesthetic sentiment or values of an era or culture. These visual references create an emotional familiarity through personal or cultural memory. The significance I find in “making” is the opportunity to tell a story that relates directly to life and ritual.