MIKIND Ceramics

My artistic practice takes interest in creating hand-built functional ceramic objects that are playful and decorative, drawing inspiration from contemporary graphics, patterns and illustrations. My decorating methods merge 2-dimensional sensory activity with the function of 3-dimensional form, allowing the viewer to actively engage with the object.

I enjoy discovering all the possibilities that ceramics can offer. While respecting the traditional methods and skills within the craft, it is important to my practice to engage actively with contemporary technology and create a bridge between the worlds of craft, art and design. Through new technology and the integration of other mediums, new applications can be explored and developed. This creates a potential to re-invent old ideas into new and interesting dialogues. I incorporate this method of exploration directly into my body of work, as well as my practice as a whole. Most recently, I have created a video production to provide another format, other than the finished ceramic object, for viewers to understand my point of view as an artist and designer.

Above all else, I am invested in making new discoveries and creating beautiful handmade objects that I can in turn, share with others.