Nana Fro Textile Art

Mariana Frochtengarten is a Brazilian textile artist and has been a resident of Vancouver since 2009, when she started her company Nana Fro Textile Art. The artist's hand made creations include mainly objects for the body and the home, carefully produced with the idea of adding beauty to our daily life. Mariana is particularly captivated by the different kinds of resist dyeing methods in which patterns are constructed by preventing dyes or discharge agents from reaching
certain areas of the cloth. In her most recent work she has been exploring elements of Japanese shibori combined with handmade stamps to create a line of women's mesh tops, leg-wears, natural fibre scarves, and children's wearables. Indulging in the tactile properties of fibre, all of Mariana's creations can be described as real sensual surfaces composed of rich colours, intriguing textures, and geometric and organic forms. With a modern flair, the artist brings a contemporary approach to traditional time-honored techniques.


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