Porchlight Press

Heather Braun - Founder and Creative Director
As a kid, Heather loved to wrap gifts. Not content to just wrap the gifts she was giving, she would beg everyone in her family to let her wrap their gifts too. For her it was about playing with paper and ribbons – layering, combining, folding. Unfortunately, gift-wrapping is neither a major nor a profession, so she was forced to pursue other fields of study – first Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph, then Communication Design at Emily Carr University. After being given a small letterpress machine by a friend, Heather realized that many of her personal loves (origami, the texture of things like chestnuts, tide pools, the intricacies of flower petals...) suggested that letterpress might just be her calling. And so Porchlight Press was born.

What else can we tell you about Heather? She’s an avid kayaker and dabbles in playing the banjo. She’s a Star Wars nerd. She was born and raised in Vancouver, but lived in Paris for a spell. She’s a bit of a prankster.

At Porchlight Press, we love the tangible quality of letterpress – that our stationery encourages real human connection. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to get a letter or card in the mail; there’s a bit of magic in a note from your faraway loved one — something you’ve read so many times the edges are frayed. We print to share our passion for written communication, and hopefully to inspire people to communicate for real, by hand, with a pen rather than through a device. That’s the dream.

We love our machines. Oh, how we love our machines, the way a mechanic loves a classic car. More than that, we respect them and steward them. There will never be more like these, and we love and appreciate them all the more for it.

We love to share our passion. We get endless satisfaction out of hosting workshops, encouraging people to come in see what an incredible experience it is to make a form and print it themselves. Their reaction to what they’ve created? Love it, every time.