Russell Hackney Ceramics

The town where I was born & raised - Stoke-on-Trent, England - has been in the business of making ceramics for nearly 300yrs and in the mid 1970's more than 50,000 people were employed directly or indirectly in the making of pottery.

My grandfather worked at a pottery factory for most of his life and my father worked all of his in ceramics - modelling & mould making at various factories before starting, Brunswick Ceramic Services in Stoke, which has been operating for over 40yrs.
I entered the family business at 16 and have worked in ceramics ever since. I mainly modelled shapes and in particular embossment designs for all kinds of clients: large factories to small design firms and potters. In between I took 3yrs out for my fine arts degree.

I moved to Canada in 2002 for adventure and to expand my personal artistic freedom. I have very much come to appreciate the skills that I learned from my father and now design and make my own pieces from my studio at home on Bowen Island & at The Mergatroid Building, East Vancouver.

My current work is inspired by a love for simple, bold, graphic design. I have realized that I am attracted to quite a minimalist approach: well balanced & 'clean lines'; simple pieces that are harmonious and function well, though I am not a devotee of minimalism partly because of my need for more involvement with the making process. I like the fact that within the choices that I have made for my inlay design I have the chance to be random with colour, blocking and leaving debased areas.