Sans Soucie

Artist and designer Katherine Soucie of Sans Soucie Textile + Design (Vancouver) established her zero waste textile & design studio practice in 2003. Sans Soucie was founded on a proprietary textile process that transforms pre-consumer waste hosiery into new textiles, garments, and 3D forms that are applied to fashion, sculpture, interior design applications, and architecture. Her work has exhibited internationally and showcased during London, Montreal and New York Fashion Week. Limited collections and custom designs produced at Sans Soucie have been featured in British Vogue, TV/Film, Theatre and Dance. In addition to her work at Sans Soucie, Ms. Soucie is the Program Director of Fashion at LaSalle College Vancouver.

I am an artist who works with textile waste and the discarded. I am a designer who transforms waste, utilizes obsolete clothing and textile machinery and incorporates traditional artisanal techniques in response to the society we live in. I remix mending and artisanal handcraft applications with obsolete technologies derived from my formal training in fashion, textiles and printmaking in order to produce 3D forms that act as a reminder of what is often left behind. From the clothing I remade as a child to the salvaging of discarded textiles, garments, obsolete machinery and industrial tools/waste - I perform acts of visible mending to honour and transform the history of the objects, tools and materials I use.