Frances Felt

Frances felt is a project-based enterprise that specializes in small creative production. Wether it be personalized Christmas stockings, custom stuffies for children or unique, one of a kind wearables for women, frances felt enjoys the challenge of a time sensitive project with specific creative boundaries. Long time sewing and textile enthusiast, entrepreneur, mother and farmer, Frances Dickinson invites you to come check out what she has been up to lately.

If you're into Christmas, why not make it as personal and genuine as possible? We all know in general it is a mass marketing scheme for the Corporations to make more money so why not try to bring it back to it's roots: family, tradition, warmth, creativity, peace, love and joy.
The Christmas stocking is a favourite decoration that gets brought out every year. Frances felt offers personalized, one-of-a-kind, fun family stockings that will last a lifetime. Each one is personalized so Santa knows who's is who and large enough to be filled with goodies galore!