To all of our loyal supporters, advocates, friends and colleagues,

Our 2019 event will mark the 20th  (17 Holiday shows  + 3 Spring shows in the early years) and LAST Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show that we will be producing as a collective. 

This decision is not an easy one, but a natural one based on the divergence of our individual lives as organizers and other directions that we are each compelled to move in. Although there is great sadness in the making of this decision, there is also great joy with regards to what we’ve accomplished together. Yes, we managed and produced our annual event(s) together for all this time, but the unintended consequence of that activity is the community that has been created under the SFM banner. We’ve found kinship with other makers and creatives, helped people launch and grow their businesses and art practices, met new supporters and advocates for the arts and a handmade economy and forged friendships that have gone well beyond the walls of our event halls.

The integrity, quality and skill that the artists employ in their work is why the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show was created and became such a distinct and respected event in Vancouver for all these years. We are so grateful to have met and worked with each one of them, whom through their work, makes this world a better and more beautiful place to be. The work we do as creative thinkers is to help people see things differently and so we will continue to do that in our own unique ways and we have asked for our artists to keep doing the same. 

When we initially joined forces in 2003 we had no idea that our collaboration would last this long! What an incredible privilege it has been to work co-operatively, respectfully and diligently on this project for so many years. Our organizational team has changed shape over the years and we give thanks to our former co-conspirators, Arleigh Wood, Laura McKibbon and for a time Donna Partridge, for their contributions. SFM has always been the collective vision of its founders and found it’s voice through the alchemy of our working together, therefore rather than passing the show on, we are resolved in bringing it to its proper ending.

Last but not least, we wish to acknowledge our audience members, dedicated attendees and supporters of the handmade. We were all on the receiving end of your generosity, curiosity and willingness to help us go on in our creative endeavors. For this we are grateful and you can know that your choice to support local has had the consequence of making more beauty. A thousand thank yous again and again.

With all this being said, we are looking forward to a spectacular LAST event celebrating our community and the SFM legacy at our annual show this year. Please help spread the word about our final show. Tell everyone you know to come bid us farewell. 

With Love and Respect,
Frances, Janna + Kari