AW by Andrea Wong

Andrea Wong is a Vancouver-based accessories and clothing designer. Prior to starting her own label in 2011, she worked as a lead designer in the fashion industry for over a decade, holding influential positions at some of Canada’s top brands. She holds a degree in Design from Ryerson University.

AW by Andrea Wong is an accessories line inspired by the Pacific Northwest. The line was born out of a desire to create a strong cohesion between quality of materials and craftsmanship. AW creates functional accessories that tell a story: durable products made from natural materials that age gracefully, creating rich visual histories.

When it comes to the AW product, detail is everything. Careful consideration is paid to how the bag will wear over time. Each item in the line tastefully showcases its own unique charm with leather textures, hand stamped AW leather labels, hand-stitching details, and the use of limited-run repurposed textiles. These elements give AW items individuality, while also allowing them only to be produced in small runs, intentionally avoiding mass production.

In 2017, Andrea Wong was selected as the ‘One to Watch’ in Home & Design by Western Living Magazine. Andrea and the brand has continued to garnered local and international media attention. Now in its eighth year, the trajectory of the brand continues to grow, with clients across the globe.

My design philosophy is a convergence of functionality, innovation and restraint. My aim is to create products that have a clean architectural aesthetic but also have details of functionality. When I design I think of the conversation that is created between the wearer and the item. You won’t fully appreciate an AW item until it is incorporated into your everyday life. I want to create with purpose, and make daily life a little easier and look that much better