Caroline Miller Design

Although essentially a jeweller, I consider myself a metalsmith. The techniques of metalsmithing that have evolved for generations form the basis of my work. And what I aim to do with them is to create pieces that hold a meaning as peculiar as the individual that may wear, look or touch them.

My work is inspired by the fast paced drama of city scenes and conversely, quiet moments in nature. Balanced with these flights of fancy are the permanence of geometries, physics and my love for the corporeal techniques of forging and construction. I am interested in exploring all creative avenues between these points in metal.

The materials I use incorporate the precious with the semi-precious; gold, silver, copper, steel and gemstones are often combined with found objects, concrete, plastics and light.

Although I have over four years of formal visual art training and fifteen years of artistic work experience, I still consider myself a student. I strive to view the world with a fresh perspective and continue to learn different techniques, which influence my work.

Many of my pieces have a narrative, where others are simply aesthetic and perhaps more simply classical in style. I would say, in one sense my work is a microscopic study of the world we live in. In another, it is simply part of the world we live in.

I can be found in Squamish BC, where I work out of a studio with a view of the Chief and the misty Howe Sound.