ClayPlus Jewellery

With over 30 years experience in the textiles category as a fashion designer, interior decorator and most recently as a modern quilter, the jewelry realm is a new one for Diane. We are all a product of our past experiences, and her quilting aesthetic is clearly evident in her jewelry designs, most notably in her bold, graphic shapes and colour choices.

Though mostly self taught, she completed a two month residency with the MakerLabs ‘Tools for Women’ program in 2018, where she was trained to use much of the facility’s extensive tools and equipment. She continues to explore new materials and techniques, incorporating them into her evolving work.

Striving for a rough hewn, imperfect look offset by clean architectural lines, bold colours and carefully executed technique, Diane’s work is strongly inspired by graphic, tribal and mid century imagery. Larger in scale than most jewelry, her pieces are intended for a customer who enjoys expressing herself boldly.