Joanna Lovett Sterling

Handcrafting jewellery is Joanna’s lifelong passion. In her late teens she had the privilege of being taken under the wing of a master Jeweller on Vancouver’s iconic Robson Street. This hands-on apprenticeship-style training fuelled Joanna’s interest and created her foundation of silversmithing, stone cutting and design functionality skills. Joanna received her formal jewellery education through the Jewellery Art and Design program in Vancouver.
Joanna’s work can be found in galleries in western Canada and the USA and she enjoys showing her work at key Art and Craft shows throughout Canada.

Inspiration for my work comes from the world around — in nature and on my European travel adventures, as well as by the people who own and collect my work. I have a passion for the tiny details of shape and form and figuring out how things fit together, move and work with the body. I love getting lost in design work and then looking back at a finished piece in wonder of how it all came together.

One of my main design signatures are my lockets. The locket collection started in 2007 with the Earth Locket. From that first locket has grown a collection, adding each new design as the inspiration comes. There are currently 9 lockets to choose from. Each locket has a very specific intention, method of opening and is stamped with a unique number. The lockets are ‘Earth,' ‘Dream,' ‘Muse,' ‘Promise,' ‘Starfish,' ‘Treasured,’ ‘Hidden Colours’ and ‘Give and Grow’. I record each owners name and the location where in the world each locket goes to.

My pieces are designed to be comfortable to wear and to flow together so that each wearer can create their own collection reflecting their unique way of being.