Kari Woo contemporary art jewellery

In 1993 I found the art of jewellery making, literally by accident. While recovering from a serious snowboarding injury I enrolled in my first jewellery class on a whim. It was love at first make! Now, two decades later, I am still at it and I still love it.

Intersections of the urban and natural worlds are where I am most excited when it comes to finding ideas or inspiration for my work. Random Patterns in Nature meet High Fashion. Natural Architecture meets Modern Sculpture. Rigid Lines yield to Organic Forms. The notions of Less is More and that there is Perfection in Imperfection are driving forces behind my aesthetic choices.

My aim is to create substance and meaning through design. Patrons know my work through two distinct collections of sterling silver jewellery that offer the wearer versatility, comfort and simplicity. I also work with clients to create custom designs perfect for their specific occasion. My collections can be found across Canada and abroad through independent boutiques, galleries, tradeshows + online.

I am a fine art school graduate [ACAD 2003/BFA {Honors} specializing in Jewellery + Metals], SFM co-founder, a former brick + mortar shop owner [INFLUX Jewellery Gallery, Calgary, AB], an aspiring sculptor and proud parent. Currently I live in the glorious Canadian Rockies in Canmore, Alberta with my sweet family, where I also work out of my home-based studio.