Meg Hubert Ceramics

As an art student Meg Hubert started out in panting and has carried her love of color and composition into her designs as a ceramicist. Making items that satisfy the desire for functional beauty and a sense of fun in the mundane Meg Hubert Ceramics specializes in making useful products that will transform your daily routines into anticipated rituals. All designs are made with striking attention to detail and form by Meg Hubert in her Vancouver studio at 4277 Fraser street. The studio also serves as a classroom for weekly adult and kids pottery classes. Find Meg Hubert lighting in local restaurants--Tacofino Gastown and Tacofino Yaletown; and functional ceramics such as travel cups, mugs, bowls, spoons and jewelry at Shop One of a Few, Neighborhood Quality Goods, Collage Collage, Ubuntu Canteen, Good Omen, and Local Assembly.

I was drawn to working in the medium of clay because of its ability to be both sculptural and functional simultaneously. Making something that I can use in my daily life, such as a lamp or a mug, but that can also serve as a work of art—something to be enjoyed for its form—was very exciting to me. I think about this duality whenever I make something that is functional—that its presence should also provide pleasure. What a thrill getting to be a part of those little rituals that make up every day.